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The Compromise by GrummanCat
Chapter 19 Title Page by GrummanCat
Who, us?? by GrummanCat
Washing off the sweat by GrummanCat
Epic Scenes
Sachiel's Final Strike by InquisitiveBeholder
Asuka is coming by NatalieCartman
Ayanami Rei by pfs-kun
Asuka by pfs-kun
Shinji Ikari
Shinji Shirt by CatsTuxedo

Mature Content

Eva by madiecookie
Emergency contact by WhySoHarsh
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Explained by Knifebook
Rei Ayanami
Reichan by Cpt-Katawa
Ayanami Rei - School Uniform - NGE - [Lightside] by GeniMonster
Rei Ayanami sketch by robepate
Daydreaming by whizafriz
Asuka Langley Soryu
Like an angel... by frogbun
Asuka rough sketch by ItsGyps
Asuka Pregnancy Meme 2 by mew2pwner95
Asuka Pregnancy Meme by mew2pwner95
Mari Illustrious Makinami
CMS: Mari by Nanabbi
Mari Makinami Illustrious 01 by Battleangel69
Mari Makinami Illustrious early Version by Battleangel69
(Not) the End: Mari Makinami-Illustrious by SethHM
Kaworu Nagisa
Ode to Joy by RyuichirouAoino
kwaeowwwow by shiteu
earth angel by dulceboy
Assimilation by WhySoHarsh
Misato, Ritsuko, Kaji

Mature Content

Ritsuko by Junk-food
The 1st of the Month by tuan-hollaback
Misato is depressed... by Lhisi
but you hate loneliness by ElenyaPillow
Gendou, Yui, Fuyutsuki, Other NERV Staff
Alicia Vikander as Yui Ikari (NGE) by attaturk5
Keanu Reeves as Gendo Ikari (NGE) by attaturk5
The Old Days by kradeelav
Gendo/Yui by kradeelav
Toji Suzuhara, Kesuke Aida, Hikari Horaki
Girls Night Out by GrummanCat
Hikari Horaki as Mass-Controlling Heroine by CatsTuxedo
Hikari Horaki - Senior Prom by Valery-Liquorice
0 by qobot
Other Characters
Eva 01 by BellatrixFarronART
Couples and Groups
I loved him too by RyuichirouAoino
Daily Chall Reddit22 Into The Trees by ElGatoCangrejo
Sachiel by Orimoth
Rei Ayanami, Princess of Darkness by Scaley-Randy
Fan Characters and Evas
EVA Unit 099 (Ver.1.0 [Protoype Armour]) by Nagisa-Shiouta
Make a smile by ToraCosplayers
Figures, Kits, Crafts, Collectibles
Colour My World, Just Paint it With Your Love by TonioSteiner
Manga, Fics, Animation
A Certain Redhead by GrummanCat
Stamps, Wallpapers, Logos
Asuka  (evangelion) by PSLShana567
Memes, Demotivationals, Parodies
Nge Controversy Meme filled by Valery by Valery-Liquorice
Everything Else
Second Impact Survivor by Pichins
Art Challenge - Evangelion Alphabet
Z is for Zeruel by bardiel66
New Submissions
Roy Mustang by Mekasikitoka-san

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The Evangelion collab is now active in Puzzle & Dragons.  PAD  is a mobile puzzle game something like a match-3, but with a lot more complexity and team-building strategy.  Right now they're running the Eva collaboration.  

It features a special Evangelion dungeon that drops Sachiel, Shamshel, and Ramiel, with a chance of dropping Zeruel at higher levels and a rare chance of Bardiel appearing.  They're also running a special Evangelion "Egg Machine," where you use the game's currency, "magic stones," to roll for the pilot characters.  The machine contains Shinji & Unit 01, Rei & Unit 00, Asuka & Unit 02, Mari & Unit 04, Kaworu and Mark 06, as well as a rare chance to get Misato & Wunder or Shinji & Kaworu with Unit 13.

If you don't play already, it's a great time to join, since you get lots of magic stones at the beginning.  You've only got through the 29th, so take advantage of it while you can!

Also, Funimation has *finally* updated their release date of 3.33 to February 2016.  It will be released as a DVD/Bluray combo.
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Dedicated to the groundbreaking anime franchise Neon Genesis Evangelion created by Hideki Anno.

We offer anime episodes, manga and doujinshi links, news and much more!

Now there's an easier way to access downloads for this group.
Visit our Tripod HomePage here! for doujinshi downloads, video links, music downloads, manga links, and much more to come!




:new: Click here to go to our seperate page for our list of doujinshi! :new:
There are a lot of doujinshi downloads now, including yaoi, straight and some others!

Rebuild of Evangelion Production List
    :bulletred: Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone- September 1, 2007
    :bulletgreen: Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance- June 27, 2009
    :bulletblue: Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo- November 17, 2012
    :bulletred: Evangelion: Final- To Be Announced







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Just finished all 26 episodes and am now trying to find Death & Rebirth. All the sites seem to only have the first half, "Death" and I literally cannot find "Rebirth" anywhere. I'd really like to see it before moving on to End of Evangelion. Would anyone be able to help? ^^;
GrummanCat Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2016
Unfortunately, I can't seem to find anything myself (yet). I think I saw the whole set on Youtube a while back, but I can't find it now. I'll look around as well and let you know if I see anything!
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