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Already I'm seeing new submissions cross my desk, so evidently the word is out that the group is awake again. THANK YOU to those of you who came forward with new submissions! It is appreciated!
Yes, it's me, Grummancat. I am now the Founder of NGEvaGroup!

*golf clap*

Nothing Earth-shattering, but in the near future I will be making some activity in the group. Primarily, recruiting submissions into the group and probably some journal entries. Something I've been overlooking in my Asuka group -_-

Hopefully, through volume of art invitations, we can put the group back on the map and make it a busy place once again!
First, I want to apologize for letting the group go inactive for so long.  Last year I started my own business and have been developing a video game, which has been a huge undertaking.  I let everything else fall to the wayside as I got overwhelmed with the minutia of not only making a video game, but running a business.  I should have done this  months ago.

I am looking for someone who is willing to take on the responsibilities of the Founder.  I am not sure how to transfer the actual title, but if I can't figure it out, I know how to give a Co-Founder all the same permissions as the Founder, so regardless of title, you would be running the Group.  Please note me at my personal account, ArtistMeli , if you are interested.

While I look for a new Founder, I'm going to open a New Submissions folder that will not require approval for pieces, but will limit the number of pieces you can submit to 1 per day.  Hopefully this will prevent the group from being spammed by off-topic art, but still allow it to become active.

Evangelion is still awesome, and one of my biggest passions, and this group deserves to once again become a hub for all artists/authors who share that passion.


Sorry I've been gone a while, everyone.  I've had a lot of drama going on in my life, and had to move very suddenly, but things are finally settling back to normal.   So here I am to announce the winners.  :)

For the final month of the challenge, bardiel66 was the only one to submit an entry, so he automatically wins!  

Z is for Zeruel by bardiel66

You get to choose from custom artwork, 150 deviantart points, or journal feature.  Please note me with your choice of prize.

The OVERALL WINNER, who participated in the most rounds throughout the competition is ALSO bardiel66!

Mature Content

C is for Catatonic by bardiel66
D is for Doll by bardiel66 I is for Impact by bardiel66 L is for Lance of Longinus by bardiel66 N is for N2 mine by bardiel66 P is for Pen Pen by bardiel66 T is for TestPlugsuit by bardiel66 Z is for Zeruel by bardiel66

You win a 3 month subscription, and a full color piece from devshinjikari:.  (Be sure to note them to discuss your prize, and let them know you're the winner of the Evangelion Art Challenge in the Note title.)

I just want to thank everyone who participated.  It was a fun experiment, and we got to see a lot of great art out of it.  I don't know how many contests we'll be holding in the future, but I'm glad this one went so well.  Thank you all!




Final round, guys!  Let's go all-out!

Draw something Evangelion-related starting with the letters W, X, Y, or Z.

You can do something straightforward, like "Z is for Zeruel" or something more abstract, like "W is for Waiting."  If you are using more abstract words, be sure you clearly describe your choice of word and how it is related to Evangelion in your Artist's Comments.

Spoilers ARE now allowed.

Deadline is May 2nd at midnight.

:star: Monthly Art Challenge - General Info and Overall Rules :star:

Current Theme: Evangelion Alphabet
Participation: Voluntary
Prompt Issued: 1st week of every month.
Submissions Due: Last day of every month at midnight
Who: Members of NGEvaGroup
:bulletred: monthly winners can choose one from this list: custom artwork, 150 deviantart points, or journal feature.  May include more as the contest progresses (please let me know if anyone is interested in donating prizes).  Those who enter something for each prompt will be eligible for a grand prize at the end of the contest.  (if no one enters each  month, it will be those who enter the most often)
:bulletred: For the larger prize, I was hoping to offer 3 - 6 months worth of subscription, but DA has now changed it so that you can only order subs at the length of 12 months or 7 YEARS.  (wtf?)  So the grand prize will be either a large number of points that could be put toward a sub, or something of equivalent value.  Maybe some sort of Eva figure if the winner is a US resident, as I've ordered a box of gashapon that should have come in by then.
:bulletred: sHinjiKari will do an image in this style… for the grand prize winner.


:bulletred: Must be new work submitted during the prompt month.
:bulletred: Must be in color
:bulletred: Must be clearly related to Evangelion
:bulletred: No bases or dolls (referencing is fine)
:bulletred: Background not required
:bulletred: Can be characters or landscape
:bulletred: Description must state it is for the Evangelion Alphabet for NGEvaGroup
:bulletred: Title should include the letter and word/phrase you went with (ie "A is for Asuka" or "B is for Berserk")
:bulletred: You may enter up to one entry per letter in the prompt
:bulletred: Submit to the "Art Challenge - Evangelion Alphabet" folder
:bulletred: Vote is done by poll for a winner

**Clarification on number of entries**
My wording was a bit confusing, sorry. ^_^;  You only have to pick one letter and do one drawing to enter.  However, if you're feeling ambitious, you can do up to one drawing for each letter in the prompt.  You just can't do multiple entries under one letter.  (So you could do one for "A" and one for "B", but not two for "A".)  Hope that helps!



Group Rules

NGEvaGroup Rules

As a reminder, please follow the deviantART Term of Service policy. Any and all violations will be reported.

Joining Information:

:bulletblue: Invitation requests are to be made for the position of "Member" only. All other invitations will be declined at this time.

:bulletred: Groups are allotted 25 invitation requests at any given time. Because of this, the membership requests will be
closed until there is another opening. If you received the message, "Membership is closed at this time," please
leave a comment on the main page and you will be added to the Wait List, and an invitation will be sent to you
when another space is available.

Submission Rules:

Allowed Artwork:
:bulletgreen: Fan art
:bulletblue: Cosplay photographs
:bulletred: Fan fiction
:bulletgreen: Motivational posters
:bulletblue: Wallpapers
:bulletred: Resource images
:bulletgreen: Stock photos
:bulletblue: Resource applications
:bulletred: Mature contest is allowed if it follows deviantART TOS guidelines, including being 'Mature Content' tagged

Affiliation, Advertisement Rules:

Affiliation- You may discuss all affiliation matters with littleladykokomos by note.

Advertisement- You MUST be a member of NGEvaGroup in order to discuss any advertisement matters. You may discuss all advertisement matters (including the group hosting other Evangelion-related contests, etc.) by noting littleladykokomos

Membership Conduct:

The following rules apply to all members, regardless of their role within the group.

:bulletred: Treat each member with respect
:bulletgreen: No flaming
:bulletblue: No comment flooding
:bulletred: No spamming
:bulletgreen: No god-moding
:bulletblue: 3 strikes and you are out.
A strike is any act that violates the rules of the group; however, it is limited to harrassment and mistreatment of anything the group offers. You will not be penalized for mistakes. We aren't that mean C:

Any member who commits a strike will be notified of each of their strikes. After 3 strikes, a member will be removed from the group.If the strike is a violation of deviantART TOS, it will be reported.

And the largest rule of all. Have fun! Enjoy your time here!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns, please comment below.

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